NITRILE.COM is specializing in producing 5-8mil high-quality nitrile gloves. Our raw materials use non-toxic 100% NBR. Each nitrile glove produced needs to be in strict process accordance with the production standards of ASTM6319 and ASTM6978. We focus on providing high-quality nitrile gloves supply services for high-end customers in Europe、USA and the Middle East countries.



PPEWORLD brands including LKT、Leopard Medical、NIUJIAN、VGLOVE and, we offer millions of PPEs supply from original china factories across more than 20 countries.



LKT is a professional medical PPE brand, which provides a full range of medical devices for hospitals in the United States、Europe、Canada and other countries in the world. The products cover antigen test kits、nitrile gloves and airline travel kits.



Military grade medical PPE brand provides users of the Navy、Army and Air Force with medical equipment products higher than the market standard. The products cover antigen detection kits、nitrile gloves、face masks and other medical consumables;



NIUJIAN is an extremely strict medical quality standard setting enterprise. It has comprehensive production quality certification system in line with the high standards of the United States、Europe、UK、Australia and Canada. 



Vglove is world well-known protective brands, specializing in medical nitrile examination gloves、heavy duty industrial nitrile gloves、chemo nitrile gloves and other customized types of protective gloves; 



China Vaccine Group Co., Ltd. is an international organization engaged in the global sales of inactivated vaccines. Based on the advantages of manufacturing in China, the company's main business scope includes the international market sales of vaccines, antibiotics, diagnostic kits, biopharmaceuticals and other products; Adhering to the concept of "Vaccine for disease prevention and technology for health protection", China Vaccine Group is committed to providing high-quality, healthy and effective vaccine products for the world and making outstanding contributions to the protection of human health. Our core sales division provides China based COVID-19 inactivated vaccine products worldwide, providing fast and effective vaccine products for international market vaccine demand providers and a full range of vaccine advisory services.